Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update and Snowdon

I know it has been awhile but it has been a crazy couple of weeks!  I finished my exams and final papers, I enjoyed a little R&R in the UK, flew safely home, and have mostly unpacked and re-organized my room.  I have more posts to come soon about the last couple of weeks now that I have some time to write!  For now, here is a post on my train ride up Snowdon mountain!

Snowdon Mountain is the highest mountain in Wales and not too far from Bangor.  My friend Emma and I decided we wanted to go to the top and figured the train ride up would be the best since we were feeling a bit lazy and didn't have proper hiking equipment.  It isn't supposed to be a bad hike but we each had only one bottle of water so we decided taking the train up was a safe bet.

We shot for a clear day but it ended up being cloudy at the top.  On the ride up, a recording of history of the area was played for us.  It was sometimes funny when they world say, "Look to the left and you'll see..." and there was just clouds.
Heading up to the cloud line
The train ride wasn't too eventful except for sheep blocking the train once.  Only in Wales will you find sheep grazing on railroad tracks and the trains stop for them.  So we made it above the clouds to the top of Snowdon mountain!
Success at the top!
Emma and I at the top!
My friends at St. Mike's came up with cliche catch phrase when I told them I was going to Wales that I was going to "Catch Wales" (or "catch whales").  They made me promise to stick a fork in the ground somewhere in Wales so I officially caught Wales on my semester abroad.  I decided to do this on the top of Snowdon.
For my friends, "Catching Wales"
A picture with the steam train we rode on
On the ride down we decided to have some fun.  I had a pair of gloves in my bag that I pulled out and decided to form a bunny rabbit with them.  The people I was sitting next to got a kick out of it.

 It was a great day for the train ride filled many laughs before Emma and I parted separate ways in the UK.  At least we both live state-side and can see each other again sooner than we would if one of us lived on the other side of the water.
At the Llanberis Station after our journey.
Until next time...

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