Sunday, March 27, 2011

Contra and Square Dancing!!

Last night was one of the more fun nights that I had with my friends since starting SMC.  I went Contra and Square Dancing 3 of my close friend.  We had a blast!!  We ended up not clinging together the entire evening; we had a wonderful time meeting new people.  It has been one of the nicest, friendliest communities (outside of SMC) I have met. 

For those of you who don’t know what Contra Dancing is, I’ll explain.  There is a caller who guides new and experienced dancers through a variety of dances.  Everyone is coupled off and performs with another couple for a short time.  Then they repeat the same moves with a number couple for the same time.  Generally the caller goes through each step before the dance begins so everyone knows what they are doing.  Each move is similar to a square dancing with a few variations.  Contra dancing does have more spins in them.   Dancers make eye contact whenever possible.  This helps reduce dizziness, especially during the swing.

Last night was the first time for Katie, Aubre, and me.  Sarah had recently attended one and really wanted us to try it.  We all had a blast!   There were so many experienced dancers who helped us along.  Most of the older men helped us until we had the steps down.  They were so friendly and gave us tips so we could improve.

Every so often they threw in a waltz so people could get a breather or sit for a minute. They had a desert buffet for some energy half way through the night.  Sometimes they had a square dance to mix up the rhythm of the night.  I loved learning these new dances with my friends.

Twice last night I had these really good dancers as my partners.  Each knew what they were doing and could put in an extra twirl or spin for an added variety.  One of these men spun me so fast and kept me going for a short while which made the dance more fun.  Also, when I got confused most of my partners just pulled me around and helped me catch up to the right step.

Aubre, Sarah, Katie, and Me already to go
Katie (on the Left) Square Dancing
Me and my Partner Square Dancing

Sarah doing a move called Left Hand Star
Sarah in the middle of a Turn
The wonderful band and one of the wonderful callers

I highly recommend attending one of these nights.  You meet so many wonderful people and have so much fun. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Love My Friends

Being part of a small campus I feel like I have friends everywhere.  I part of different clubs too which also helps.  Over the past couple of weeks I have realized how great each of my friends are.  This past week has been a bit hectic with housing, advising, and usual weekly meetings.

Housing selection for me happened last night.  My friends and I ended up getting a suite in Cashman which we were SUPER excited about.  I will be living with seven of my friends.  We will have our own bedroom and a common room that we can call our home.

I have been friends with most of these girls since September.  We have had so many AWESOME memories together that I can't wait for next year to come for the new memories.  Some of the AWESOME memories that we have had are:

Ice Skating

Celebrating My Birthday with a Mini Vermonster
I can't wait for this weekend too.  We are planning to go to the SAINT MICHAEL'S CONTRA & SQUARE DANCE on Saturday night.  My one friend says they are a lot of fun and we will really enjoy it.  Look for a post soon :-)