Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Love My Friends

Being part of a small campus I feel like I have friends everywhere.  I part of different clubs too which also helps.  Over the past couple of weeks I have realized how great each of my friends are.  This past week has been a bit hectic with housing, advising, and usual weekly meetings.

Housing selection for me happened last night.  My friends and I ended up getting a suite in Cashman which we were SUPER excited about.  I will be living with seven of my friends.  We will have our own bedroom and a common room that we can call our home.

I have been friends with most of these girls since September.  We have had so many AWESOME memories together that I can't wait for next year to come for the new memories.  Some of the AWESOME memories that we have had are:

Ice Skating

Celebrating My Birthday with a Mini Vermonster
I can't wait for this weekend too.  We are planning to go to the SAINT MICHAEL'S CONTRA & SQUARE DANCE on Saturday night.  My one friend says they are a lot of fun and we will really enjoy it.  Look for a post soon :-)

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  1. Apparently contra and square is a lot of fun, but it reminds me of the deep north way too much