Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crazy Summer

Hey all!  It's been awhile but I've been super crazy at work!  I'm back working at a Residential Summer Camp so most of my time has me focusing on my campers.  I'm still working on a short video montage of my trip abroad but I probably won't finish it until August by the looks of my work schedule.  Until then here are some tips about how to make the most of summer:

1.  Travel.  Go somewhere.  See family.  Don't waste these holidays by sitting at home.  You'll miss out on a world of AWE and you won't be missing classes.

2.  See friends.  It is the perfect time to hang out with friends without the worry of stress.  You can just laze around or plan an exciting day and not worry about that huge paper hanging over your head.

3.  Read for fun.  It is the perfect time for this.  Reading during the school year is hit or miss.  During the summer you can pick up that book you've been dying to read and not all of a sudden be hit with a book you have to finish by Friday.

4.  Do something you love.  I love being crazy when I can.  I'm spending this summer wearing mouse ears at camp and dressing up as Sacajawea on the odd occasion.  Just get out there and do something you love to do!
5. Get a job.  Some people like lounging on the beach or by a pool all summer but this is the easiest time to earn some extra cash especially if you're a busy college student.  It doesn't have to be a full time job but at least something that gives you fun money during the semester.

Until next time...