Saturday, February 8, 2014

Penguin Plunge!!

Today was the day I jumped into Lake Champlain for the third time!  The Penguin Plunge is held in 3 different locations in Vermont during the middle of winter.  It raises funds for the Vermont Special Olympics.  The Burlington Penguin Plunge raised over $400,000 alone.  I'm proud to take part in this event and appreciate all the support and donations I get for it.  For this year's plunge the air temperature was 23°F and the water was 32°F.  In the moment I tried not to think about it at all which helped me be able to plunge.  Check out some pictures from the event:

The hole in the ice is where everyone took the plunge
A bit better view of how frozen everything was
You can see me peeking out in the right side
After the fact - my clothes were already frozen
Officially a penguin for another year