Friday, May 13, 2011

End of My First Year

So I made it!  I survived my First Year of College.  I’m sitting at home now staring at the piles of boxes from my dorm life trying to figure out what to unpack and what can stay boxed up.

This past week has been probably the most packed with things I had to get done:  studying, packing, and saying goodbyes.  It was one of the saddest times too because I’m not going to see my friends for a couple months, but it will fly by because in the end we exchanged Skype and began to make plans to visit one another.

I did discover some tips for finals week.  One important thing I realized is we need to take time for ourselves and do something stress-free.  St. Mike’s has a stress-free night the Friday before finals which is helpful.  There was music, messages, and henna tattoos (which I got as joke to trick my parents but they didn’t fall for it.)  Another activity my friends and I did was a frosting fight.  It was one of my friend’s birthday and we wanted to have some fun.   
We were covered with frosting when I realize we got locked out of my room and had to find the RA on duty to let me back in.

I was super excited to see my parents on Wednesday after my last final.  They brought me boxes to pack everything up.  My parents took my friends and me out for dinner which was delicious and a nice way to end the year.

On Thursday once all our cars were packed, we said out sad goodbyes and promised to call each other a lot over the summer.  And my friend Aubre and I held that true because once we started unpacking, we Skyped with each other.

Check back!! I’ll update you on my summer and post tips for college :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So this past weekend I experienced my first P-Day.  It was super fun!!!  Everyone had so much fun and got some color on their faces.  We lucked out so well with all the rain we’ve been having for it to be such a beautiful day.

Friday night started off P-Day with a BBQ on the 300s Field.  It was super nice to sit out on the grass and enjoy some good food.  After, there was a talent show in McCarthy hosted by the MLK Society which was loads of fun.  I’m so glad my friends and I got there early enough to get seats because people had to sit on the floor.  There were so many wonderful talents and performances that night, I’m so glad we went.  Some of the performers were the Celtic Knights, which is SMC Irish Step Dancing group (I will be joining next year); the Aca Bellas; a friend of mine, Maggie, who sang and came in second; and many more wonderful performers.

I woke up kind of early on Saturday because I was excited for the Tricycle Race!!!  I had won a trike at the Quad BBQ for freshmen on Thursday nights so I entered a team.  My team ended up losing miserably but we had so much fun doing it!!

Gearing Up for the Trike Race!!
One of my teammates and I with our trike after the race
Later, in the afternoon my friends and I headed out to the 300s Field for some food, inflatables and fun!!  I tried every inflatable and didn’t want to stop.  I felt like a five year old with all the inflatables and fun my friends and I had. 

One of the inflatables was an obstacle course and I decided to race my very fast, very agile friend.  She ended up beating so quickly that she was relaxing by the time I got to the other side.  Oh well, I had a bundle of laughs anyways.

Here is a video of my friend and I (in the yellow shirt) in a giant Q-Tip War:

After all that yummy food and inflatables, there was a comedian that night in Ross:  Christian Finnegan with Kevin Anglin ’08 opening.  I heard Kevin in the fall and he was very good and I’m so glad he came back.  Christian was also great and I’m glad we went.

Right after my friends and I headed to midnight breakfast in Alliot which was super fun too!! And yummy :-)  However, we realized we were exhausted and headed home for bed.

I already can’t wait for next year when I’m going to convince my friends to make shirts!