Saturday, March 29, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

About a week and a half ago I turned 22.  The sad thing about my birthday is it has fallen during spring break.  On one hand it means, "NO SCHOOL!!!"  but on the other hand it means, "no friends."  Yes, I have visited with friends in the past, but there is nothing like walking around campus getting "Happy Birthday!!" shouts from everyone.

This year, because my birthday was on spring break, my roommates decided to throw me an early birthday celebration.  My mom brought up some presents for me and hid them with my roommates so I couldn't touch them until a determined time.  I have to say they were pretty good about hiding them.  For me to find these gifts, they set up a scavenger hunt.  I was so excited and couldn't contain my excitement!!  Most clues were in our townhouse but they sent one to a campus printer which caused for a mini-field trip to Alliot (that's where they made me go to print).  Anyway it was a fun time and I couldn't ask for better townhouse-mates!

For spring break I had gotten accepted on a MOVE service trip.  I was excited to be doing service this year for my birthday.  It was just something I wanted to do.  Our trip was based in NYC.  It was a great experience and I'll blog more about it later!  My birthday was a pretty good day.  We spent the day pretty much doing our usual service.  However, a few people on my trip took to making fun of me or calling me, "Birthday Girl."

When we got home, I was kind of tired but still pumped up.  We dispersed to our rooms for a couple a minutes to throw our coats or change if we choose.  Every time I walked out of my room to go to the bathroom or give someone something, people would stop running down the hall and give me a stupid grin and say, "Hi, Maura."  I was really confused.  When I finally made my way upstairs, I realized half way up the walls were decorated with present pictures.  I stopped and called out if it was alright for me to proceed.  I was given the okay and when I got to the kitchen, the door was completely covered with happy birthday in large letters:

When I opened the door, balloons fell on me.  It was quite unreal.  Then everyone sang me Happy Birthday and they had cupcakes as well.  I asked them when they had time to pull all this off and they said they didn't.  They Faith Community we were staying with decorated everything and rigged the balloons.  It was so nice of them.

It was definitely one of my top birthdays.  And I'm really thankful they did all that for me.  I couldn't have asked for better people to go on the trip with!