Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Walking to Menai

On a Saturday morning my friend, Adrianna, and I decided to take a wander out to the Menai Bridge which is right by where we live.  It only took about an hour to walk there so we thought it would be a good thing to do on a nice day.  We picked a good one too!

The Menai Bridge
We had decided before hand to walk across the bridge because how many times in my life am I going to walk across it?  Well I can answer twice (the second time to come soon!).   It was a really cool and a bit nerving at the same time since it was so high and the pedestrian walkway is separated from the car lanes.  But we did it!
We spent a short time walking around town, just seeing what was going on.  Menai is a small town so there wan't much to do but it was still a nice walk.  We walked down to the pier and it was cool to point across the water and say, "I started there."

Me and Adrianna
We were originally going to take a bus back to campus but it was such a nice day we walked back instead.  It was a nice adventure which didn't eat up most of our day so we still could study for our exams.  I'm glad we did it because it inspired us to plan a walk to Beaumaris which we did a week later after our exams.  That post to come later!

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