Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Last London Adventure

Right before heading home, Adrianna and I took our last train out to London.  We were both flying out Heathrow airport on the same day about 15 minutes apart so we decided to travel together.  We figured going out the day before our flight would be the safest bet just encase trains got delayed or we missed our connection.  We also figured it wouldn't be too bad since the place we were staying at was right near a local train stop.  However, we were far from being correct...

We got into Euston station just fine but had to make our way over to Paddington Station for the local trains.  You would think these being two major train stations there would be lifts and such to help people, right?  Well we couldn't find the lift in Euston and then later learned it was across a highway where we had to walk a distance to cross.  Then there wasn't a lift up at Paddington from the tube (or subway) but there was thankfully one down to the train.  When we got to the station near our hotel, there again wasn't a lift.  Thankfully we met some very nice people who helped us out with going up and down the stairs.  The joke, "You should learn to pack lighter" got old very fast.  We were carrying 5 1/2 months worth of stuff!!

After we checked into the hotel Adrianna and I then headed back into the city to see Wicked.  Adrianna got us 6th row seats for only about $30 because they claimed to be an obstructed view.  We really didn't miss anything.  I've seen it on Broadway and it was interesting to compare the two different styles.  I can't say which I preferred better because they were both so good!

The next day brought our sad departure from Heathrow.  However, I do have some exciting news!  My dad pre-booked my seat for me so I wouldn't be stuck in a middle seat in coach the hole way home.  When I handed the woman my boarding card it beeped and showed I had been upgraded to business class!  It was very exciting!  I had an asile seat in a two seater so it wasn't a bad ride all the way home at all!  I thanked my dad as soon as I got off the plane because without him I probably would have been stuck in coach!

One last post to come on my trip!  Look for it soon!

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