Sunday, June 23, 2013

Llanberis Train Ride and Slate Mesuem

My friend Adrianna really wanted to do a steam train ride before we left so we decided to head out to Llanberis since they had a ride that went around the lake.  On a clear day you can see all the mountains, including the top of Snowdon.  The other neat thing was that the train ride also stopped at a slate museum which I was interested in checking out.  So we killed two birds with one stone in this trip.
Our train
I know it's the conductor's job to be warm and friendly but our's was especially happy.  He was a bit older, probably just retired and was doing this to stay busy but you could tell he loved it!  Any time he drove by kids, he would smile, wave, and toot the horn.  I never saw him stop smiling the entire day.
We again lucked out with beautiful weather and had amazing views along the journey.  The weather was fairly warm but I still thought a sweatshirt was needed.  However, some people thought it was really warm because there were some people swimming!
We got off at the Slate Museum stop and decided to have a small picnic outside.  One thing I've noticed about museums in the UK is a lot of them used to house whatever they have on display.  I don't remember when this slate operation shut down but it was cool to see the machinery still up and some of it actually still in operation, like the water wheel!
We had some fun with our Dragon while we were there too!  Here is Adrianna posing with Deiniol with the water wheel in the background.
We also decided to play spot the dragon with the back hoe.  Can you find Deiniol?
After our slate museum adventure we decided to walk out to Dolbadram Castle.  It is basically a ruin and isn't too big but the view was great!  I'm thinking of framing this picture to hang up in our house somewhere.
We still managed to have some fun while exploring.
We even were able to set a camera up on a timer so we could get a group picture since no one else seemed to be around at the time.
Izzy, Adrianna, and Me
The adventures we had in our last week were probably the best ones I had because there was no worry or stress over school work.  It was like a mini-vacation.

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