Friday, June 21, 2013

A 7 Mile Walk

After all our exams and papers were finally complete Adrianna and I decided to spend the rest of our time exploring different places near Bangor.  We only had a week before we both flew home so we decided to use it wisely.  Our first trip was a 7 mile walk from our residence halls in Bangor to Beuamaris Castle.  We checked the weather and picked a beautiful day to go.  It wasn't too hot which was nice but the sun was shining.  We left about 10am with some water and packed lunch.  We looked at a map online to get a general idea of where to go but we figured we'd mostly wing it.

Our journey started off well and we only made a wrong turn when leaving Menai but a nice couple gave us directions to set us off on the right track.  Their directions were better than ours but it took us by fields so if we got lost we had to ask the sheep which way to go...
 ...but thankfully we never got lost.

We didn't always know exactly where we were but we could always (or most of the time) see the river and Bangor so we knew the general direction we had to head in.
We were even able to judge our distance to Beaumaris based on the Bangor Pier.  We knew we were slightly passed the half-way point when we passed it so we got excited.
Also, we stumbled across the coastal path at one point and we again got excited because we knew the trail head right to Beaumaris.  So for the rest of our trip we played find the sign!
It directed us into a field at one point and we weren't quite sure where to go since there was nothing but trees on the other side.
We scanned the tree line and found and arrow off in the distance.  Every time we broke through to a field we would stand there for a moment and be like, "where next?"  Even on some of the trails through the trees there would be a fork in the path and no sign so we would take the one that looked most traveled.  It was a pretty entertaining morning and a lot of fun.

Once, we both shouted for joy when we came out at the top of the hill which led into Beaumaris.  These people who were tending sheep looked at us like we were odd but then we stared back because one of them was actually using a Shepard's staff!  (We did think it would be awkward to take a picture of him staring at us)
We decided to eat lunch out by the water and we picked a good spot because they were having sail boat races that day.  It was cool to watch them go back and forth through the course.
We ended up taking the bus back because we were both a bit tired but it was definitely worth the walk!  We even celebrated our success with some Spaghetti Tacos.

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