Thursday, June 27, 2013

Houses, Knights, and Castles in Conwy

Conwy was a definite place I wanted to go before I left.  I had heard so many great things about it and there were things there I wanted to see. Adrianna had been there before so she said we only really needed an afternoon to enjoy it since it wasn't too big and everything was more sightseeing then touring.  So we had a delicious lunch and packed some water to head out.

Our first stop was the smallest house in Great Britian.  As you can see by the picture the door only came up to my shoulder.  However, once you went inside I could just barely stand up straight without hitting my head.  There was a tour guide out front who answered your questions and was willing to take pictures with you...she recommended you put the hat on so you looked Welsh.  What do you think?  Does it suit me?
We then decided to meander around town, browsing at the mom and pop shops along the way.  I did meet my knight in shining armor while I was there.  (I think Mike the Knight might be jealous.)
Conwy is also still surrounded by the castle walls which were built to originally protect the city.  The are still able to be walked along (although with some safety renovations).  It was cool to walk the perimeter of the town without actually having to worry about crossing streets and such.  There were even some towers you could climb up.
You even got one of the best views of Conwy Castle too!  No buildings, trees, or people blocking your view.
 We even found some "hidden hideaways" were we had to  pose for pictures.
Probably one of the most memorable or at least funny memories for the day was when we bought some ice cream.  We decided to eat it down by the water because it was such a beautiful day and because we looked like we were having fun, BBC asked if they could film us for a small news segment about people enjoying the nice weather.  I never saw the actual clip but if we were on it we had some 15 seconds of fame before we left!

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