Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Castle Playing and Dragon Fun

A little while ago now my program threw an end of the semester party.  All three of my advisers got together to bring us to Penrhyn Castle for some fun.  My Bangor adviser, Maggie, gave us each a dragon to play with for the day and to keep afterwards too.  She named them all Deiniol for the patron saint of Wales and is going to start a facebook page soon about their adventures all over the world.  We spent the day creating his first album!

Penrhyn Castle is still in use today.  A family who works for Lord Penrhyn lives in one of the apartments in the castle while Lord Penrhyn lives in a cottage on the land.  It was cool walking around a still functioning castle.  I had such a blast sticking Deiniol in all these random places for photo ops.  Maggie didn't expect us to keep going with it but I did!
Amanda, Brad, Amy, Me, and Andrew
On his way up to the castle
Penrhyn Castle
Hitching a ride
They're multiplying!!  Amanda got weird stares all day!

At the entrance
Peek-a-Boo I see you!
Blending in
Can he fly?
Giving a kiss
Shh!  Don't tell her I'm here
Who wants dragon for dinner?
I'll get the wood!
After wandering around inside we went outside to play in the garden.  The gardens weren't in full bloom but it was still pretty to see everything starting to sprout.
Playing in the garden

After all the castle playing we were hungry so we went a grabbed snacks before dinner.  I know, weird right?  But we were waiting for those who had exams to come join us.
Scampi Fries, not too bad.
Hanging on the boardwalk
Sugar for dinner!
Dinner was a lot of fun because it was full of laughs and recounts of good stories.  The food was excellent too which made everything that much more enjoyable!  At the end of the night we even gave people awards for things that happened!  I shared my award with Emma since we both were "Enthusiastic Trip Planners."

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