Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Llanfairpwll...or whatever you call it!


Try saying that!  If you need some help here is the pronunciation:
And if you are curious it means: The Church of Mary in the Hallow of the White Hazel near the Fierce Whirlpool and the Church of Tysilio by the Red Cave
It is also the town with the longest name in the world!

A little over a week ago, my friend Adrianna and I went to this town.  It is literally only one stop on the train and has the world's largest Welsh gift shop.  We decided to do some of our souvenir shopping there for our family and friends.

It is a nice little town and the shop was huge!  The shop has about everything from your tacky souvenirs to actual items that people in Wales would actually go in and buy.  We spent a good deal of the morning just walking around, picking out something, changing our minds, picking something else out, and actually buying some stuff.  It was a successful morning for me but my wallet wasn't too happy.

After our shopping we had a little over an hour until our train.  Even though it was only one stop away, the trains don't run as frequent as you would like.  The store had a nice cafe in it so we decided to go there for something to eat while we waited.  They had this delicious looking tea for two option that we decided to go for since it was less than £10!  It was well worth it since I was still full at dinner!
Look at all that food!!
The food was excellent and it killed enough time for us to wait for our train.  It was one of my simple trip days but it was filled with a good friend, laughs, food, and a new adventure.  The weather even held out for us which was nice!

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