Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beginning Classes

It finally has been that week!  I started my classes at Bangor University.  I know I shouldn't complain about not having classes but I've been twiddling my thumbs for too long now.  Also, being in the UK for two weeks before classes was nice at first but once I caught my first cold (which left holed up in my room) I was looking for something to get me back into the land of the living.  I was excited when Monday rolled around and I got to start my classes!  Now before I tell you about them, I'll first tell you what I'm taking:

  1. Wales Tyrants to Princes
  2. Literature Since 1945
  3. God in Film
I confused so many full time students here with my course selection!  In the UK, you pick a major and only take courses related to that major.  Also, you have only three years of schooling before graduate school.  It's sounds interesting but I'm glad for American schools where you get the diverse background that could lead to interesting jobs.

Now to the start of my week.  Classes are run slightly different here.  There isn't a set pattern to your week (which I think may throw me off).  My Monday classes consist of God in Film (the screening of the film) and Literature Since 1945 (the lecture).  I walked over to the Main Arts academic building, which thankfully all my classes are in the same building, about a half hour early.  This building is a bit confusing, even for third-years here.  Luckily there is a secretary at the main entrance who can give you directions anywhere you need to go.

Unfortunately my first class, God in Film, had been cancelled and I wasn't informed.  Oh well, the secretary of the Theology Department was most helpful in trying to figure out what was going on!  My second class, Literature Since 1945, happened(!) and the professor seems really cool.  I haven't taken an English class in awhile so we'll see how it goes.  I may end up going to his office hours (which he says no one ever attends) for some help.

On Tuesday I only have one class.  It was Wales Tyrants to Princes (the lecture).  I again showed up early and asked the secretary where the classroom was.  To my surprise, the secretary of the Theology Department popped up behind me and offered to walk me there!  She is becoming my favorite person here!  I ended up showing up really early and went in a sat down.

Students started gathering outside the door (even the professor stood there for a minute).  The professor then popped his head in and asked why I was there.  I told him for class and he then waved all the students in.  Oops I guess confused everyone!  I realized I made a great first impression (especially when I noticed my shirt matched the table top!)

And then when I introduced myself to the professor after class as an international student, he told me he figured.  He was really cool about it and talked to me for a bit and I think I'll enjoy his course!

Today I had two classes, Literature since 1954 (the interactive lecture) and God in Film (the discussion). The interactive lecture wasn't much different then Monday except he asked us questions regarding the play we are reading: The Caretaker.  I didn't have much to say due to my lack of knowledge of concepts but I got some terms from today to look up and understand!

After my God in Film class, I think I'm most excited for this one.  The professor has made me know as the "International Student" but has volunteered his services to help me whenever I need it!  He also apologized for not informing me of his cancellation on Monday which made me happy.

I can't wait for more of my classes to happen and hopefully settle into some sort of routine for the week!  More to come soon!

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