Friday, January 18, 2013

Living London Style

New Friends Make Lasting Memories in London
It's been a long week already and I still have two more days of this London exertion!!  It has been AWESOME so far.  I've seen so many places, made new friends, and felt the exhaustion of jet lag.  Everything has been wiz-ing by and the way I've remembered what I've done is by snapping pictures and keeping a journal.  I think I would easily forget where I've been already if I didn't do either of these.  Well, here is a snapshot of what my stay has been like so far:

January 15th:   Left the states at about 9:15 at night for my adventure
Checking in for my flight
About to head through security

January 16th:  Arrived early morning at Heathrowe and realized I lost my water bottle (sad face).  With my program we made our way through the streets of London, where I kept getting confused with driving on the other side of the road.  After throwing my bags in my hotel room for the next couple of nights I ventured out to find a wifi connection and food at the Arcadia Center here.  Then feeling like I had to keep moving otherwise I thought I'd fall asleep, I went to the British Museum and checked out the different nationality exhibits.  That night, everyone in the program gathered for dinner that first night where I'd say half of us almost fell asleep in our dinner plates.  Needless to say I was in bed by 8pm that night.

January 17th:  I was determined to make the most of this day and I felt as though I did with the time allotted around meetings scheduled.  With Arcadia's help, I got to see the St. Pancras (the train station), the British Library, and Spamalot.  All were excellent and I was glad these activities were planned for me.  On our own, I ventured with my friends to Big Ben and the London eye at night all lit up.  We even took some tourist pictures at a phone booth.

Si Pancras
The London Eye
Big Ben in the background and me in a phone booth

January 18th:  Today was a big tour day set up by Arcadia.  Today I saw the London Museum, the British Museum (with a guide), the rooftop view of St. Paul's Cathedral, and some more sights along the way.  Today was basically a non-stop day but unfortunately I didn't take many pics in the London Museum because I thought you weren't allowed and the British Museum I had done the other day.
The Mayor's Chariot
Rooftop view of St. Paul's Cathedral

More to come soon with more pictures too!!  A lot more adventures are in store for me this semester and I'm excited to experience them all!!

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