Friday, January 25, 2013

Wales Life

Wales has thus far been good to me.  I'm settling in nicely and have made friends.  It wasn't that hard to meet some locals.  I'm living in a flat of full time students and am the only American.  Each of us have our own bedroom and bathroom and we share a large kitchen/common room.  My bedroom is HUGE!  I love it!!  I have a bed, a large desk, a closet, and a shelving unit.  My bathroom is also a nice size.  I don't think I'm going to used even half of it while I'm here.

I haven't met all my flatmates yet due to it still being final exams and semester holiday still.  The one's I have met are AWESOME!!  Each of them have lived in the UK at one point or another.  Ever since I moved in with them, they have been helpful in answering my "stupid" questions, including me in their festivities, and making me feel welcome.  I know I wouldn't have made it without their help.

Last night was a fun night.  One of my flatmates was playing at pub's open mic night.  It was so much fun!  The three musicians I heard where so good.  I got to know some more locals and learn more about the Welsh culture.
My one flatmate performing
My two flatmates that I went out with
Also, the international office here has been very helpful with trying to get my courses sorted out and welcoming us to the University.  On our first real night her they threw a party for us and taught us Twmpath, which is traditional music and dance.  It was a lot of fun dancing the night away.  The North America advisor has been helpful on telling us where to shop and how to travel.  I did feel overwhelmed after my first couple of days but now that I'm getting the lay of the land I'm feeling more and more confident.

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