Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More London Adventures...

Officially in Wales now!

My time in London came to a close when I left on the train for Bangor University Monday morning.  I loved my time in London.  I made so many memories, meet some wonderful people, and saw so many sights I've only seen in pictures.  It was AMAZING!!

To end my London adventure I spent Saturday out and about seeing more sights then what was planned for me.  I saw Big Ben in the daytime, the Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, London M&M World, and many other sights.  I have to say my feet hurt a ton after Saturday but it was well worth it.  I will admit I did get lost, well more like turned around, once.  However, I kept my cool (which is the most important) and found a tube (or subway) station.  I knew which stop I was staying at so I jumped on the subway and made my way back to my neighborhood.  Here are some pictures from my day:
The Tube Station
The Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
The Original Globe Theatre
Cleopatra's Needle
Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace
Sunday I spent at Hampton Court.  It was spectacular!! I remember when I was in HS, I played King Henry VIII in a skit and it was cool to see the place where he actually lived.  Everything was amazing.  I have to say my jaw dropped a couple of times in the castle.  Unfortunately London shuts down in the snow so none of the gardens were open.  However, there was some excitement when the fire alarms were set off.  All the guards started running around evacuating people.  We weren't told what actually happened but after about 20 minutes we were allowed back in.
Hampton Court
One of the many highly decorated ceilings 
A new friend
A view of the garden from the castle
A collection of weapons - the whole room was decorated like this!
King Henry VIII and (I think) Anne Boleyn evacuating during the fire 
One of the thrones
King Henry VIII giving a speech

That's all of London for now!!  Soon I'll have an update about Wales!

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