Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wandering and Cooking

It's been awhile but I'm still alive over here in Wales!  I've been having a great time so far.  It's been busy and I've pretty much crash once my homework is complete.  Living over here is a learning experience for me.  Mainly most of my learning experiences have been in the kitchen.

Over Christmas, I ended up replacing baking sheets and an ice cream scooper after all the disasters.  You can read about them here: Baking Disasters.  Living in a Flat over here has made me learn to cook meals for myself.  I started off my first week with mostly pre-made dinners in the frozen section or the just add water bags.  I will say I've expanded my horizons a bit and have successfully made pasta (with sauce), a chicken quesadilla  (which wasn't too delicious, I was missing a few ingredients), and chicken and rice.  I'm going to try making new foods as the semester goes on but I can't guarantee they will be successes given my track record.

One of my first real meals!
I've also done some wandering around town.  Bangor's not that big so you can walk just about anywhere you really want to go.  The only downside to it would have to be the hills.  They are all pretty steep.  Going down isn't normally a problem, it's going up that you just want to kick yourself.  I will say, it will keep me in pretty good shape this semester.  Here are some photos from my adventures:
We're really close to the water!
The view from the academic building
The school crest
Down by the water 
In town.  The castle like building in the background is the
main academic building where all my classes are
More to come real soon!  Hopefully the weather clears up this weekend because it's been rainy here.

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