Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Willkommen in Deutschland

After Switzerland, Germany was my next stop.  I stayed in a small city called Stuttgart.  I had done some research and a travel guide said it was a hidden gem of Germany.  I was looking for a simple place to take a small breather during my travels and based on what I read it seemed like a good fit for just that.  And it was!

I spent two days in this small city where there was a lot of shopping and a huge park to walk around in.  And walking around the park is mostly what I did.  It was a huge park with tons of different trails and some ponds scattered along the way.

I did go into the main city for a bit but I didn't have any money to go shopping so I preferred the park to walk around.  To me being abroad isn't about shopping.  I have done some but I'm trying to save my money to see things rather then shop.

The city was very pretty.  And I would have loved to explore some of the historical buildings and museums if they weren't closed.  But here are some pictures of the outsides anyways:
Town Hall (I think)
Das Grune U (from the side)
Das Grune U (monument)
Museum of Natural History
This trip came at the perfect time in my 3 week spring break adventure.  I felt like I was going non-stop so the relaxing time in a park was a much welcomed rest.  It gave me time to sleep, catch up on some work, and just relax before my trip to Paris.  Till next time when I talk about Paris...

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