Sunday, April 28, 2013


This post concludes my long 3 week spring break adventures.  It was an AMAZING time and I'm going to miss doing it next year but I have to say it is nice not living out of a suitcase!

My last day in Paris I decided to head out to Versailles.  It isn't too far outside of the main city and is very easy to get to.  I wasn't to sure what to expect when I got there but I knew there was a palace and a huge garden to walk around in so I figured I'd start with that.

When I got to the Palace of Versailles I found once again I could tour the museum for free with my student ID.  I arrived fairly early but the line was already long.  However, security moved everyone pretty fast so it wasn't too long of a wait.  Once inside the palace gates you could tour two different museums in the actual palace.  They were pretty crowded but it was still cool to see where Louis XIV lived and learn a bit about the history.
The Chapel
The Hall of Mirrors
One of the Dinning Rooms
After touring the palace I headed outside to walk around the garden.  Now the gardens weren't free since there was a fountain show going on which I was excited to see so I didn't mind paying for it.  Unfortunately, the garden wasn't in bloom yet due to winter just ending but it was still cool to walk through the gardens to find hidden fountains or statues in the maze of shrubs.

Here is a video I took from the fountain show:

The rain held off for most of the day which was nice.  I only had a few drizzles when I was heading back to the train station which was fine by me.

I was sad when my 3 week adventure ended and I had to head back to classes and work but I'm so glad it happened!  I lucked out so well with weather and I didn't miss any flights or trains so I was happy.  I met some great people and have so many stories to tell!  Until next time because it's been a bit since my break so I have more stories to tell!

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