Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning about Family

When I went to Switzerland I wanted to learn a bit more about my family.  My grandparents grew up in Switzerland and my mom traveled there a lot growing up.  I used to hear stories and have always wanted to ski in Switzerland.  I didn't end up skiing this trip there but I did learn a bit about my family.

A really good friend of my grandma, whom is like a sister, lives in Switzerland.  She took me in for a week of my spring break.  I couldn't have asked for a better hostess in Alice.  I can see why my mom has taken to calling her Aunt.  The last time I met Alice, I was 6 months old so it has been awhile.  It goes without saying that I don't remember her visit.  I will always remember this last visit.
Alice and I
English isn't Alice's first language but she has been learning for sometime now.  We got along well and kept our sentences simple so we were able to manage just fine.  Her neighbor, Marlis, used to live in England so we had her to help out if we really needed too but we were able to manage.
My new extended family!
Upon arriving in Switzerland, Alice treated me just like family with a big hug when I stepped off the train at the station and an Easter basket waiting for me in my room at her house.
Yummy Swiss Chocolate!
Marlis and her son, Jerome, also accepted me into their family.  I didn't spend so much time with them but when I did they were the most welcoming people ever!  For my last dinner in Switzerland, Marlis made me a delicious traditional Swiss dinner called Raclette.  It is a dinner where everyone melts a slice a cheese and then pours it over potatoes.  You can add in ingredients as it is melting such as bacon or onion.  After you can spices too!  I tried a bunch of different combinations and they were all delicious!
The setup
My cheese melting
My first attempt!
 One of the great things about this trip was Alice knew a lot about my grandma's life in Switzerland and was my great-grandfather's caretaker for awhile.  As we were traveling around the northern part of Switzerland, Alice pointed out places where my great-grandfather liked to visit and told me a bit about what he liked to do.  Alice also took me to where my grandma used to live during her years at University in Neuchâtel.  To thank her for everything I went to the store all by myself and bought her a potted plant since she loves flowers!
A little dark but she was so happy!!

A bit more about my travels in Switzerland to come soon!

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