Saturday, April 13, 2013

Switzerland Travels Part II

This is my continuation of my travels in Switzerland.  Check out Part 1 here!

Thursday of my trip Alice took me to Neuchatel where my grandma spent 2 years studying at the University. It was a beautiful city right on the water next to Lake of Neuchatel.  The lake was so pretty to look at and there were so many swans everywhere!  I don't think I've ever seen so many swans before!!
Look at all those swans!!
Around the docks were boathouses that had paintings on them.  They all had their own personality which was cool to walk along and see.

We also went to the Basilica on top of the hill.  It was a bit of a steep climb but the view and the church was beautiful.  The Church was reformed by Guillaume Farel in 1530.  He lived in one of the houses right next to the church during his time in Neuchatel and it still stands today.  The church was very simple but beautiful at the same time.  There were stars painted on the ceiling which I imagine must be really cool to look at during the night.

My last full day in Switzerland, Alice set me free to explore Laufen on my own.  Laufen was a cute town with a ton of adorable shops.  I just meandered around for the morning and enjoyed the fresh air.  I walked along the river which runs through town.  Not much was happening on a Friday morning so I headed back to Alice's for a nice lunch which she prepared a relaxing afternoon before our big dinner I mentioned in my first post about Switzerland.

The main center of town
Down by the water
The Ricola Factory
I was sad when my trip came to close because I was enjoying getting to know Alice.  There is so much more of Switzerland I want to see so I'm hoping to go back in the near but probably distant future.

Till next time for my trip in Germany!!

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