Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exploring More of Paris

Here a continuation of my adventures in Paris!  Check out the first one here!

For my second day in Paris I decided I was going to climb things!  Well not literally climb things but I was planning on climbing to Sacre Coeur and the Notre Dame towers.  I'll let you in on a secret - I climbed both!  Anyways, I ventured out to Sacre Coeur early in the morning since it was the farthest from my hostel but it was easy to get to on the tube.  It was a beautiful day so the view was amazing from the steps let alone the top of the dome!   The church itself was beautiful, not elaborate beautiful but simple beautiful.  I recommend making your way out there to check it out!
Sacre Coeur
A top the dome
A view
After my lovely visit to Sacre Coeur, I decided to head out to see some famous places.  My first stop was the Moulin Rouge.  I didn't see a show since they were expensive but I thought the building was really cool.  I was just wandering down the street it was on and all of a sunden the building popped out because of the windmill on top!
After seeing Moulin Rouge, I headed over to the Opera House.  Growing up with a poster of Romeo and Juliet from the Paris Opera House hanging in our house I always wandered what the building was like.  It was cool to see the building but unfortunately there was a rehearsal going on so I couldn't see inside the actual Opera House.
After the Opera House I went to Notre Dame and I was starving!  I found a nice little Crepe shop nearby and got a delicious Nutella and Banana Crepe!  It is the best thing ever!  After, I toured around inside Notre Dame and it was beautiful!  I then went and stood in a half hour line to climb the towers!  I have to say even though I already saw so many views of Paris climbing the tower was really cool!  I was even up at the top on an hour to hear the bells go off which was startling at first!
Notre Dame
Atop the towers
 The next day I decided to make it a museum day.  I was debating between this and a bus trip but decided on this because I could get in for free with my student ID where as my bus trip would have cost me money.  I started my day off at Napoleon's tomb which was really cool.  The museum itself dealt with a lot of World  War I and II.  It was interesting to see another country's perspective on these wars when I only grew up learning the American point of view.  I definitely learned a lot.  I also saw Napoleon's tomb which was cool and a lot bigger then I had expected.
Napoleon's Tomb
Outside the Museum
After checking out the museum I headed over to the Louvre to check out the Mona Lisa and other famous artwork.  The Louvre is huge!  I wasn't able to see everything but I did see a lot just by wandering around.
Mona Lisa - it is a lot smaller than you think!

Over my two days of traveling in Paris I saw a lot that I was completely exhausted but it was worth it!  Here are some other places I saw along my travels:
The Liberty Flame
The Statue of Liberty
St. Michael's the Archangel statue
The Bridge of Locks
I did have one more day in Paris but I decided to spend it outside of the city so that post to come soon!

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