Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Switzerland Travels!!

My last post talked about my hostess and experiencing some family history while in Switzerland.  This post is going to be about where Alice took me during my AWESOME stay.

Our first day we explored Basel.  Alice showed me New Basel, Old Basel, Big Basel, Little Basel.  I did get confused sometimes.  However, Basel was beautiful.  Alice took me on a complete walking tour up and down side streets and main streets.  Probably the most beautiful building was the Town Hall.  It was bright red with beautiful paintings and designs everywhere.  It was stunning.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
As we were walking we came across Johann Wanner's store.  He is apparently very popular with important people for holiday ornaments.  I have to say from the window everything looked beautiful!  Unfortunately his shop wasn't open yet when we walked by so I didn't get to go in.
 We also walked down by the Rhine River and saw some of the boats go by.  It also has one of the best views of Basel and a Helvetica, the Lady of Switzerland, statue.
Alice also took me to the Basel Zoo where I tried to learn some animals in German but please don't quiz me!

The next day Alice took me to Interlaken, which is a place my mom knew well on her visits to Switzerland growing up.  It would also a good place to see the Swiss Alps if it wasn't so cloudy like the day I was there. Well, I guess this means I got to go back.  Anyways, while in Interlaken we saw the cutest train ride which tours the town.  We didn't do this train tour but we did do another one through the mountains.
The mini train we saw
Our train ride ended in Luzern.  The famous covered bridge for Switzerland is located in Luzern and I walked across it!  Alice and I spent some time just walking around Luzern.  On our journey I noticed a lot of buildings also had paintings like the town hall in Basel.  I really liked seeing all the different art work and designs on everything.  I think it added to the architecture.
The Bridge
On the bridge
One of the many colorful fountains
A beautiful detail on the side of the building
My favorite painting
Alice and I thought this family was hilarious
One last painted building...
So I'm going to stop this post here since I put in a lot of pictures.  However, Part 2 will just be around in the next couple of days!

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