Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stonehenge and Bath

To start off my spring break I went with Arcadia University (my program) to visit Bath and Stonehenge.  The weather was freezing and windy but never the less I enjoyed my trip and the sights!!

When getting to Stonehenge we were given our our self guided tour.  For the first half of the tour I didn't realize you could put headphones in so my hands were just about frozen.  After I put my headphones in and my hands in my pockets, I began to enjoy the sight even more.  One thing that shocked me was the stones were smaller than I thought they would be.  Our trip guide even pointed this out on the bus.

After wandering around I stopped and got a hot chocolate before getting back on the bus because I was a bit cold.  Then we were off to Bath!  (If you want to learn more about living in Bath check out my friend's, Kate, blog!)

Touring around Bath was beautiful!  I loved all the architecture and the colors of the buildings.  I got to see the where the new baths were, the circus, and the crescent   When we were given free time I decided to visit the Bath Abbey which was beautiful!!

The Crescent

The Circus
 While there I talked to one of the priests and he brought me over to the American memorial for William Bingham which was really nice of him!

William Bingham Memorial
The Angels
James Montagu
After the Abbey I went to the Old Roman Baths.  I didn't have a lot of time here but looking around and seeing the ruins was neat.  A lot of it was outside but because of the heat from the water I didn't feel too cold.  At the end of the tour you could taste the water and I braved it and did so!  It was disgusting!  I recommend trying it but I warn you it's bitter.
The Old Baths
Head of Minerva
The Old Bath Water - really bitter

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