Saturday, March 16, 2013

Caernarfon Castel

or in Welsh:  Castell Caernarfon

Today I had another one of my adventures in Wales.  I figured out the bus system!  And that wasn't all, I also spent a good part of the afternoon exploring Caernarfon Castle!  The bus wasn't too bad.  I just paid attention to my surroundings and figured out when I was supposed to get off.  It was a success since I made it all the way to Caernarfon and back in one piece.

Caernarfon Castle was amazing!  In my Welsh history course I'm learning all about the various rulers of Wales which is given me a basic crash course in Welsh history.  It has been really interesting and completely different from American history.  One topic my lecturer keeps asking is if people have visited specific historical sights in the area.  Until today I knew I wouldn't be able to raise my hand.  I still won't until we get to Edward I.

Caernarfon Castle was one of the castles built by Edward I to protect his land around the Snowdonia Mountains.  It was built slightly different from the rest and if I recall correctly it was the largest.  The castle itself seemed to have been built as a palace.  I don't think I would ever want to live there but I have to say it was amazing to explore.  There are so many different passageways and I didn't know where I was half the time!  Every so often I would climb up a tower or find my way onto a balcony to see where I was.  

a view from the castle square
Inside the castle
the passageways
Up in one of the towers
The highest tower and yes I climbed it!
A view from up high!
You can see the Snowdonia Mountains in the distance
The other neat thing was the town was also encompassed by castle walls which still stand today.  It was weird walking around town and all of a sudden finding a wall along the sidewalk.
One of the outer walls with the tallest towers in the background
I have to say I kind of mad at myself for putting it off this long to go explore a castle but I'm glad I didn't wait another day!

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