Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday Fun!!

This week marked a major milestone in my life:  My 21st Birthday!  Turning 21 abroad isn't as big deal as it is the states.  However, my British flatmates gave me a fantastic birthday!!

I didn't have any specific plans for my birthday but I knew I just wanted a relaxing day filled with laughs.  I also didn't want to do anything outrageous because I'm saving my money for my 3 week tour which started today!

Around lunch on my birthday I skyped my mom so I could open my gifts.  She sent me a package (which arrived 2 weeks before my birthday) with small gifts all wrapped!!  I wasn't allowed to touch them until my birthday.  It was a very tempting wait.  After skyping my mom I had my one lecture of the day which wasn't bad.  When I got home from my lecture and my flatmates surprised me with a Happy Birthday and presents!!  I felt ever so spoiled!!
My wonderful presents!
After dinner we were going to go down to the beach to look at the stars but it was down pouring so we stayed in and watched Rock of Ages.  It was a great movie and we all loved it!!

I have say my birthday celebrations didn't end that day because the next day I had a field trip to Clwyd Theatr Cymru to see the Pitmen Painters.

It was a great play and it taught me a bit about the history of the miners in Britian during the 1940s.  It is based off a true story about a group of miners who find a love a painting and realize they could make a name for themselves.  The actors were amazing and the paintings they used were spectacular!  I had never heard about these painters and it was so cool to see their work!

Still my partying isn't ending because I'm just embarking on my Spring Break so that means travel time!  I'll try to be as updated as I can about where I am and what I'm doing but I know there will be tons of pictures to come in the near future!

p.s. Internet is very spotty so pics and updates hopefully when I get to Barcelona!!

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