Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grogans In Ireland

It's been a busy week.  I'm trying to cram a lot into this week, not all of it fun either.  I have a presentation to give tomorrow and my goal is to get one of my papers due after spring break done this week.  However, the BEST part of this week was getting to see my cousins in Ireland.  My cousin, Erin, is studying in Dublin this semester and her sisters came to visit.  I decided to hop over on the ferry to see them while they were here.
On the Ferry with Ireland in the background
I arrived in Dublin Saturday night where as my two cousins traveling arrived Saturday morning.  I used the late night to get some work done.  When they arrived on Saturday, I met them in the airport and from there we got on a bus to Galway.  They were both so jet lagged they slept the entire trip.

Once, in Galway we spent sometime wandering the city just to get a feel of where we were.  A little later in the day, my cousin's, Kelcey, two friends joined us in Galway.  We did some more wandering and found a cute authentic Irish sweater shop.  We all wanted to get one so we spent probably an hour looking at all the different sweaters in the shop, trying them on, looking some more, and then trying them on again.  The woman who worked in the store gave up following us around while we were trying them on cause we kept going back to the ones we put down.

Afterwards we walked down along the water and took pictures along the way.  The sun was setting so it made for a nice view.

That night we wanted to hear some authentic Irish music so we asked at our hostel where the best place would be.  She directed us to this small pub that was hidden down an alley way.  It was amazing!!  It seemed like a place where people come with instruments to just play.  Nothing seemed organized.  It was the perfect ending to our day!

On Sunday we went on a tour out to the Cliffs of Mohor.  It was SPECTACULAR.  We walked around for quite awhile and even ran into some people my cousins grew up with!  Such a small world.
There was even some sheep nearby! 
Sisters <3 (Molly and Kelcey)
Our tour guide pointed out other sights along the way as we drove along the coast.  All the sights we saw we amazing!!  I think I would have missed most of them if I were on my own going where we went.

After our stay in Galway we headed back to Dublin to meet up with Erin.  Erin took us to Grogan's Bar.  Being a Grogan, we had to go and of course take pictures while we were there.

It was so nice getting to see my cousins.  I was starting to get a bit homesick so them coming was perfect timing!  I just wish I didn't have to leave so early!

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