Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yesterday I did a stop of in none other than BARCELONA!  It was beautiful!!  Since I only had a day I tried to figure out what was the best way to see the most.  I decided on a hop-on/hop-off tour.  It was definitely worth my money.  I got to see almost everything yet didn't have the hassle of trying to figure out what bus/metro to take and then pay for each.  I also had only 3 agendas to hold:  (1) Barcelona Cathedral, (2) Arc de Triomphe, and (3) views.  I have to say I succeeded in accomplishing those 3 tasks.

The hop-on/hop-off tour took me around the entire city.  Three were 3 routes, two 2 hour routes, one 45 minute route.  Each explores a different part of the city.  I did all three.  What was really cool  was the fact everyone had their own headphones so you could listen to the tour in whatever language you wanted.  I, of course, choose English so I wouldn't miss a thing.  It was the most helpful in telling me what else was in the surrounding area so if I got off at a stop I knew what else I could do.  I didn't get off as much as I could have but I wasn't really interested in paying a fee to see inside a building.  I've done a lot that plus I was trying to save some money for one of my other trips.

This landmark was my central point since my hostel was only 2 blocks away.  Once I saw it I knew where to find where I was staying!

I did spend some money on a cable car ride to the top of Montjuic Park.  The audio tour told me there would be breath-taking sights if I did.  I decided to listen.   I did luck out though when I go solo cars where I didn't have to share with anyone!  I could move around to see my surroundings.
My audio guide did not steer me wrong!! It was AMAZING!!  Take a look:

Here is a picture of Palau Nacional which also sits on the hill.

I also got to see the Sacra Familia.  It stands out from the view a top the mountain.  I didn't even have to really look for it.  It kind of just stood there saying look at me.

Probably the most jaw dropping stop was the Cathedral.  I literally walked inside and stopped dead in my tracks.  It was so beautiful!!  I didn't know what to think either.  There were mini alters set up around the walls where people could go pray to a specific saint.

 I even found a statue of St. Michael!

One place I didn't get to see was the Arc de Triomf on my tour.  I was disappointed until I learned that the bus terminal I needed to get to the airport was located right next door!  I left earlier this morning then I needed too so I could stop and see it before catching my bus.  It was so pretty with the early morning sun rising behind it!

Probably my favorite part of Barcelona, well of anywhere, is the architecture of the buildings.  They are so alike yet so different.  Here are some pictures of Barcelona:

Now I'm in Pisa getting for my Pisa tour tomorrow!!

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