Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane...


As I mentioned my friend was getting married soon.  The soon happened and the wedding was this past weekend.  It was a perfect day.  The sun was shinning, it wasn't too cold, and the wedding and reception were a blast!!  I want to dedicate this post to her because she has been an amazing friend, keeping me sane through my college life.  A trip down memory lane...

So, how did I meet the wonderful Amanda?  Well, she doesn't go to St. Mike's but she does come to mass at the Chapel.  During my first semester at college I attended the Emmaus Retreat.  This retreat is run through the Campus Ministry department and is a nice way to focus on where you are in your spiritual journey.  It was an amazing weekend away from campus and where I met my wonderful friend.
Part of the Emmaus Group
Throughout the rest of the year we attended events together both on and off campus.  She was someone who I could just call up and be like "Hey want to hang out?"  Her family was also warm and welcoming.  I felt like I fit in perfectly.  We kept in touch over the summer and sophomore year went by in almost a blur.  We hung out more and more.  I even got to see her on Easter when I was here.  We became really close last year.

Us at the VITA Semi Formal in 2010
At the end of this summer she got engaged to a wonderful guy and I was a bit jealous at first.  I haven't got to see her this semester that much due to wedding plans but I still know she is there for me.  When she asked me to be a bridesmaid I was super ecstatic and so happy to be able to spend her special day with her.  It was nice change of the day when I would get off campus and do something non-school related.
Me and a few of the bridesmaids (there was 7 of us)

The day of the wedding was perfect and I couldn't ask for a better man for her.  I also know this isn't the end of our friendship but just a slight change in the name.
The happy couple :-)

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