Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Night Fun

So, it's been a busy week.  So much has happened since last Wednesday that I don't know where to begin!! I've had midterms, projects, and events that have took up most of my time.  My friends make fun of me cause I always seem tired and then they give me food and I all of sudden come alive again.  They call it the Maura-Syndrome.

One of the most fun was Friday Night Dry last Friday night.  It is event put on by Student Life early in the semester.  Clubs run activities throughout the night for students to come participate in.  At each event, students win raffle tickets where they can then can place them into a drawing in for a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Celtic Knights, which I am part of, had Irish Step Dancing lessons, trivia, and coloring.  Depending on which activity you took part in depended on how many tickets you earned.  We had an awesome turn out and students loved the idea of learning something new.

I unfortunately didn't win anything but I had a ton of friends who did which was exciting.  The best way to enjoy the night is to go out with friends and just have fun with it.  You may try something you never thought to or show off your skills at something your friends may never knew (or even you knew) you could do.

Here is us performing Walls of Limerick last year at the International Festival.  We taught the steps to this dance to the people who showed up and if they were motivated we walked through it.

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