Saturday, October 20, 2012

Buses, Walking, and an Adventure

So, my friend is getting married soon and her bridal shower is today.  My friends and I made a small collage of pictures for her.  I ordered them and it was supposed to come in today but when I went to confirm where to pick them up, it was in a completely different location then I thought it would be.  This led to my adventure today.

Being a St. Mike's student you get free busing on the the CCTA (Chittenden County Transportation Authority) buses.  It is really nice because that way I can run into Burlington for a couple of things and not have to make the most (even though I normally do) out of paying for a bus fair.  So, I took a look at the different bus maps to find the easiest way to get to my new destination.

I took the bus down to Burlington this morning and found my connection to head down North Ave.  It is very easy because Cherry St. is a major bus stop where just about every bus stops at for connections.  I knew the street name of the stop I was looking for and I lucked out because someone else was getting off there so they knew when to pull the "Request Stop" bar.

From the stop it was only supposed to be a straight shot for about a 20 minute walk but low and behold I was enjoying the scenery too much that I walked straight past the store and down to Lake Champlain.  My 45 minute round trip walk turned into 2 and a half hours!!  Oh well at least with all the pretty colors and warm weather it wasn't that bad of a walk.

Getting back to the bus stop I hit no problems.  It was the simple 20 minute walk I was expecting.  All I can say is if you're not sure where exactly you're going take good directions and have a place that if you get to you know you've gone too far.   Even though my trip turned out to be longer than expected it was a great adventure to find out a new location of Vermont that I probably would never have known existed otherwise.

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