Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A day in the life of...well...ME!!

Now that the semester is on it's way, I thought I could give a simple run down of my typical Wednesday.  My life is so busy that this is constantly changing.  This is an overview if no extra meetings get scheduled or no spontaneous activities happen:

  •      Wake up
  •      Attend morning prayer in the Chapel
  •      Grab breakfast in Alliot
  •      Attend Programming Languages
  •      Work on homework
  •      Grab lunch in Alliot
  •      Attend Operating Systems
  •      Relax a bit after working almost all day
  •      Organize notes/assignments for the night/week
  •      Grab dinner in Alliot or head to Sloane for dinner
  •      Head over to the Chapel to do some reading before LINK
  •      Attend/Run LINK depending on the week
  •      Work on homework due tomorrow 
  •      Climb in bed at completion
Now this may seem a bit boring but most of the time my life gets spiced up a bit.  I have impromptu lunch dates or "friend-time" thrown in there.  Also, like tonight's plans, I hang out with people I haven't seen in awhile.  Also, my reading before LINK generally turns into everyone knowing I intend to do this and show up early too and talk to me instead.  Basically, I can't schedule my life to the "T" anymore because half the time, it ends up changing....for the better that is. 

And this is why I love St. Mike's.

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