Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Study Tips

It's that time of the year again!! Paper time, midterm time, and homework time! 


Well it doesn't really have to be.  Originally it felt like this for me but I've worked  really hard not to let this time overwhelm me, and although I don't have it down to a perfect science, I've found some tips to get me through time.  They may not work for everyone and I'm still working on perfecting them but maybe some of these can help you too:

  • Study spot.  Don't feel like you have to study with friends, or in a specific location but somewhere you can find that helps you concentrate.  I know each year I've found a different place that worked for me.  My first-year it was in the study cubicles in the first floor of the library.  Last year it was my room and this year its the main floor of the library.
  • Motivate yourself.  I find sometimes bribing myself with finishing a paper by telling myself when I'm done I can catch up on one of my television shows.  It is a motivator for me to focus so I can do something I want to do.
  • Make a plan.  If you have two papers and a midterm all on Friday don't fret.  Plan your time accordingly.  I use post-it notes and dry-erase boards to keep track of what I have to do.  I also space my time.  I may study for an hour or two then work on a paper for the next hour or two. I even schedule myself "fun time" now so I make sure I have some me time to refocus.
  •  Take breaks.  People say this all the time but I can vouch getting up and walking around clears your head.  You can refocus your train of thoughts or come back realize you were doing a math problem completely wrong.   Whatever may happen, the light bulb may click if your struggling after walking away for five minutes.
  • Eat and drink.  Staying  hydrated with water and eating something will also help keep you awake and alert.  Meals are especially important so make sure not to skip one on account of stress.
These are just a few tips that may help you during an overwhelming week.  There are tons of others that some people may find work for them so be sure to try some and experiment. 
Just remember:  We've all been through tough times and we've all lived.

My study buddy helping me do research for a paper

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