Sunday, September 16, 2012

Health Services

So it has been a super busy week this week.  I've had a ton of lab and paper assignments given out this week and I've been trying to organize when I'm going to get everything done! Planners are a must for this.   But enough ranting, I wanted to tell you about one of the special resources

One place that has been really helpful and I know I can go to is Health Services.  I mentioned them in a recent post but I just wanted to give some more information about who they are.  I've seen them since being in college for help when I've got a concussion, infection on my finger, a sprained ankle, and a sprained toe.  Yes, I'm a klutz so it has been helpful to have them around when I don't need to go to the emergency room or real doctor but when I need some advice on something or something for a cold or virus.  I've had friends who have been there for colds and stomach bugs too.  They always have advice and if they don't know what to do, they know where to send you.

The staff includes registered nurses and nurse practitioners, and consultants include a registered dietician, psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner.  They are open seven days a week during the academic year and are located in Alumni Hall.  They offer opportunities in wellness throughout the year and flu shot too.  It has been extremely helpful not having to find someone or place to go to for medical advice off campus.  I am thankful to them and all their help.

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