Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Weather is a Changing

Brrr.  I may be one of the few on campus who is saying this today, but I was at a BBQ where I was sitting in the shade and was just about shivering in my light-weight shirt.  Once I stepped out into the warm sun, it wasn't so bad.  It's getting to be that time of the year when people begin changing over their clothes.

It is highly recommended when moving in at first to have summer clothing and a fan to keep cool.  I highly agree with this.  But because in the mornings and in the late evenings it gets cooler, you should also have some sweatshirts and long-sleeved clothing along.  Now, this may seem like common sense, but I know some people who only bring long-pants and not very much for summer still.  I also know people who didn't pack stuff for cool fall nights and have had their kind parents ship them extra layers.

Fall is probably my favorite time on campus.  Many of the activities are still held outside and it isn't muddy like the spring.  The leaves on the trees are changing and wherever you look it is just beautiful. 
Taken this time last year at Smuggs - there are some red leaves on those trees!!
It is also the time of the year when you can study outside, go for a walk with friends, and just enjoy the fresh air.  Fall in Vermont is probably my favorite time of the year!!

Some yellow in the trees this time last year at the zip-line course at Smuggs

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