Monday, September 3, 2012

Start of the Semester

Since coming back on campus my weeks have been non-stop.  I have used many of the helpful resources on campus as well as make new friends.  It has been crazy but now everything has died down. I've moved in right before the first-year orientation through VITA.  I worked at the table on move-in day for them and met some wonderful new members of the St. Mike's family.  It was very exciting!

However, that day was the same day my laptop kicked me off-line and wouldn't let me do anything anymore.  It pretty much was in the stages right before a crash.  It was sad.  I took it right to IT and they were able to fix it right back up.  I still continued to have other problems with it (even today I had a small one!) but they took the time to fix each one when I showed up.

Getting a laptop through the school is extremely helpful in these situations.  There is an on campus HP guy who will fix any problems for free for one of these computers.  Even being a computer science major I go to them mainly because they know how to fix 90% of the problems right off the bat and the other 10% they can figure out pretty fast.

Another resource I've used was Health Services.  I had a severe sprain in my ankle right before school started and I had done everything my doctor told me too but being 6 hours away from him, I can't go see him even though it is still swollen.  I went right over to them this morning and the nurse was very helpful in giving me more suggestions to work with.  I've been there many times before, that is with me being a klutz, for advice and every time they have been super friendly and helpful.

A final resource which I will be taking advantage of soon is the on campus trainer for students.  The athletes have their own trainers but we do have one specifically for people like myself who may need some physical therapy or consolation for an injury.

Hopefully I can stay out of these two locations the rest of the semester buy I always know they are there for me if I need them!!

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