Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ending Summer Fun

The last week of camp was busy, busy, busy, but oh so much fun at the same time.  In the time since I last updated I've gone to a rodeo, I've climbed a rock wall, and I had lunch with a friend.   The rodeo was a blast.  I've never been to one and my co-counselors decided those who haven't been needed to experience one.  The camp also had a rock wall.  I brought my girls one day to climb it so I ended climbing it three times.  I felt accomplished.  The lunch with a friend was a nice end to summer.  I won't see her until Christmas so it was nice to see her again.

As summer comes to a close, it is important to spend time with people back home.  You look foreword to moving in and meeting new people.  However, you will soon realize how much you are going to miss the people back home.  I love going to school at St. Mike's and I love my family there.  I wouldn't change my decision but I do admit I miss my family back home.  I make up for that when I home I spend quality time with them.  So, as the days of summer ends, enjoy spending some quality time with the family and friends back home.

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