Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rock-tober Fest

Last night was so AMAZING!!  My two friends and I attended the Vermont Christian Rock-toberfest.  The musicians whom performed were Everfound, Lindsay McCaul, Mikeschair, and Matthew West.  It was so amazing to be there with my friends and hear their stories. Upon coming to college, my Christian music selection was pretty sparse and I wanted to build it up.  Going to this concert has now added four new artists to my iTunes library.

The concert was set up in a really cool fashion.  Everfound, Lindsay McCaul, and Mikeschair all performed a handful of songs along with speaking out about their belief and how life isn't always easy but if we keep believing we'll make it through.  When Matthew West performed, his first set followed this fashion.  Afterwards, he played songs from his Into the Light CD where each of his songs was inspired by someone and their story.  Each story was told, either through a video of the person telling or by himself in the person's voice.  It was mind-blowing.

I highly recommend attending a concert like this if every given the chance.  I was given this opportunity through the St. Michael's Campus Ministry department and I thank them for it :-)

Me and Matthew West

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