Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Vacation

This Easter Break I spent at St. Mike’s.  It was the first major family holiday I spent away from my family.  I thought I would be miserable the entire weekend but I really wasn’t.

Thursday afternoon I cleaned my room.  I packed all my heavy sweaters and boots away in the back of my closet.  Even though we have been getting snow every so often, it hasn’t stuck to the ground or lasted very long for me to keep it out.  At 7pm I went to Holy Thursday mass at the Chapel.  It was a nice service and I got to sit with a few friends who were still on campus.

Friday morning I packed a couple things for my friend’s house.  I was spending the night there with her for some fun.  When she picked me up we went grocery shopping for lunch food and made sandwiches at her house.  After lunch we colored Easter Eggs with her sister. 

We went for a walk in the woods and attempted to climb trees.  (Unfortunately that isn’t something I can really do so - no pictures).  We also played on her neighbor’s rope swing which was lots of fun.  

When we got back to her house, her brother had made a bonfire and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores…YUM!!
Then we got cleaned up for a delicious dinner her mom cooked.  I got to try squash, zucchini, and crème brûlée.  These were all first times for me and I was thrilled I liked them.  After, they taught me cribbage, which I loved, and watched the movie: Leap Year. 

On Saturday, my friend’s dad made us eggs for breakfast which was really nice.  He put my poached egg on a bagel with cream cheese and ham.  It was also something sort of new for me and it was delicious too.

For most of the morning we curled my friend’s sister’s hair with my curling iron for Easter.  Then she straightened my hair.  We also took a trip to the University Mall for some shopping.  We got a pair of matching shoes which will be fun to wear.

For the rest of the afternoon we played some games that she had.  It was a nice relaxing day for us.  It was also fun for us to relax and hang out without the worries of homework or other people hanging around.

After a delicious dinner my friend brought me back to campus.  I got some more cleaning done and fell asleep during Ella Enchanted.

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  I started out my day by calling my parents to wish them a “Happy Easter.”  I then followed the call by calling my grandparents and friends for Easter.  After those calls I realized I had missed Alliot breakfast so I whipped out one of my handy mini cereal boxes and ate that.

I then proceeded to get ready for 11am Mass in my Easter best.  I am so glad St. Mike’s has a Chapel on campus because I knew people who were there so I wasn’t totally alone.  After mass I was invited to a brunch in Alliot which was nice because I was hungry by then.  After eating I went back to my room and Skyped with my brother for about 2 and half hours.  That was really nice because I haven’t talked to him in a couple weeks.  I got some homework done too but decided to go to bed early.

Monday I woke up early, well rested, and did laundry.  I was able to get it all done without the worry of people moving it because no one was here.  Then I went for a short walk to enjoy the nice weather and waited for my friends to return to campus!!!

If you have to stay on campus during a break here are some tips:
            1.  Make a to-do list for yourself.
            2.  If a friend is on campus make plans with them.
            3.  Don’t be afraid to go to Burlington on your own and walk around.
            4.  Take advantage of local events.
            5.  Catch up on sleep.

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