Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends and Support

So this week has been one of my toughest weeks here on campus.  There were so many stresses from back home which built up inside of me.  I was out the entire week trying to get things done for classes and other events I was part of.  Also, I was on the phone with people back home trying to see what I could do for them being about seven hours away.

Wednesday was the worst.  I had a project due and was working on little sleep from the past week.  I wasn’t myself.  My friends could tell right away.  As I got back to my room at 6 (I had left at 7:20 that morning), I realized my key was missing.  That was the last thing that set me off and I broke down crying.  My friend came out into the hall and gathered up my things and took me into her room.  She called my roommate who then came running back to let me in.  The same friend then proceeded to find my key in my room and I gave her a huge hug.

I didn’t think I was going to make it through the LINK meeting that night that I was running for the first time solo.  My friends through LINK realized throughout the day how out of it I was.  They showed up early and set up the room.  Then every time I went to go set up something they asked if I they could do it for me.  They also cleaned up after and made sure I was ok.

Moral of this story:  St. Mike’s has a supportive community.  The only thing is you have to go meet these wonderful people here and they’ll be there for you.  People are always here for you on campus:  professors, administrators, staff, and especially friends.  I know I can turn to these people any time if I need a shoulder to lean on. 

I’m so glad I came here and met my wonderful friends; I think I would have had a much worse week without them.  Thanks gang!!

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