Friday, April 8, 2011

Jackie Francois!!!

Me and Jackie Francois
Yesterday I met an amazing woman, Jackie Francois.  Through Campus Ministry, I was invited to have lunch with her at Farmhouse Tap and Grill in downtown Burlington (a block over from Cherry St.).  Jackie also sang/spoke last night in the chapel and was very inspirational.

For those of you who don’t know who Jackie Francois is, I’ll tell you.  She is a full-time speaker, singer/songwriter, and worship leader.  Jackie travels the world speaking to young people about God and helping with various events and ministries. She has an album called, “Your Kingdom is Glorious.”

I loved having lunch with Jackie because she is down to earth.  She isn’t one of the speakers who talks to you constantly about God or tries to convince you her belief is the right one.  Jackie was laid back and lunch was really relaxed.  During lunch, Jackie told us about different types of food she has had and which have been her favorites.  It was also really nice how Jackie didn’t just talk about the places she has been to but was curious where we had been too.

For dessert we had different desserts and each shared some.  As a warning to anyone who goes to the Farmhouse Tap and Grill, don’t order a slice of chocolate cake by yourself.  I made that mistake yesterday and regretted it.  However, bringing the slice back to my dorm, two of my friends were able to finish it off.  So they were happy :-)

At the chapel last night, Jackie was so inspirational.  Even if you weren’t Catholic (like a friend of mine) you still came out feeling inspired.  She had an amazing story and told religious and non-religious jokes that made everyone feel comfortable.  She even played and sang for us.  Jackie had an amazing voice.

Below are some links for you check her out for yourself:

Alex and Carrie selling CDs with me before and after her presentation

A heart out of her business cards

She signed our CDs!!!!
Thank you Jackie for an amazing afternoon and evening!!

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