Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Events

My weekend flew by!  I can't believe it is already Sunday night!!  Oh well, it was a busy weekend, filled with good memories.


  • I got out of both of my classes early this day!  Yeah!!
  • I went on a mini scavenger hunt to find some supplies hidden away for an event coming up and I found them all!!
  • I went to a campus ministry lunch where they served delicious food and I got to learn about St. Edmund.
  • I got to see my friends at mass that afternoon (it was the Feast of St. Edmund).
  • I got to go to dinner with some amazing friends whom I haven't seen in awhile.
  • I went over to my friend's room and had a catch up with some more friends!!
  • I got to hang out for a bit with a dear friend and watch some crazy cop show.
  • I went to another friend's town-house and had another catch up with some friends!!
  • We then went to the grill and had a chicken sandwhich...yum!!


  • I got up early and went into Burlington to run some errands.
  • I came back to campus and attempted to get some work done.
  • I met up with my friend to sort all the supplies I found the day before.
  • I went back to my room and took a nap.
  • I got up and did some homework and cleaned my room.
  • I went to see a jazz band play in Burlington for a little while with friend (the guitarist is the director of the choir at St. Mike's)
  • I came back and did some more work.

  • I got up early again (I'm a morning person)
  • I did some more work (I have 3 papers due the week after Thanksgiving so I'm doing a lot of reading lately)
  • I went to my Family and Faiths house to hang out this afternoon.
  • I went to the crafts fair in Burlington with them.
  • I helped them start to decorate their house for Christmas.
  • We had a delicious meal (where I'm learning a bit about cooking from them!) and some yummy dessert.
  • I'm now back on campus and will be attending the 7pm mass.
  • After my friends and I are going to have another catch up session since I haven't seen them since Friday.


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