Friday, November 23, 2012


So, I think I've recovered from my nightmare-ish of ride home from school on Tuesday/Wedensday to talk about it.  This wasn't even the worst trip I had home but I was a bit cranky when I got home at 2am on Wednesday.  Yes it was 2am.  When traveling home from college for a holiday it is always nice to carpool.  I  normally enjoy the drive up and down from school with friends but lately I've been using public transportation.  It's not that I'm sick of friends but I've been commuting closer to the night so I either sleep or try to get some homework done but on Tuesday I couldn't do either!!

Last winter I tried Greyhound from Burlington, VT to NYC but I had to go up through Montreal or through Boston.  I thought Boston would be the better choice for various reasons:  1-lay-over vs. 2-lay-overs/crossing the border twice.  It was going to be an all nighter and I thought I could handle it.  But because it was after finals in December all I wanted to do was sleep which I did but then I didn't want to wake up.  Then I had to take the 5:30am train out of Penn Station to NJ which also wasn't the best because their I couldn't sleep at all.

This year I decided to try the Megabus and it would have been better if there wasn't stupid construction on the interstate!!  We were rolling along just fine and I was reading and playing some games.  I couldn't sleep that well because I had a seat mate and I was petrified I was going to bump her.  I decided not to attempt homework because I had research to do and I didn't want to pull out all my papers.  Just before the NJ/NYC border we hit bumper to bumper traffic and weren't moving for about 20 minutes at one point!!  Well we finally made it into the city and it was about 12:30am, the bus was supposed to get in at 11pm.  So I jumped off the bus, managed to get my bag, and run 2 blocks through the city to make sure I wouldn't miss the last train out!  Well I missed the train I was aiming for at that point by 2 minutes and had to wait about 20 for the next train.  It came and I had no delays which I was happy about because my dad told me the trains hadn't fully been restored and were delayed since Sandy.  I made it home finally at about 2am and basically went straight to bed!

My suggestion for traveling if you yourself are not driving, is to do what you're comfortable with.  I normally don't mind buses and I prefer to have the 7 hours to sleep after a long week.  I have a friend who prefers to fly and she has a plane buddy she normally coordinates with.  If you want to ride with someone, you generally can find a ride.  In fact I found about 3 or 4 the week before that I hadn't even thought of.  It isn't hard but you may feel more comfortable with another mode of transportation.  But if you take the bus, I suggest Megabus.  Other than construction, it wasn't bad at all.

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