Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Inches and My Head is Lighter!

I've been growing my hair out since I was a First Year in high school.  I generally kept it tamed and trimmed but I basically let it go.  I never really had any idea what kind of hairstyle I wanted and I never thought I'd cut it (at least at this point in my life).  But I finally decided to!  At the beginning of the semester I made this decision because I kept getting my hair caught in everything:  people, backpacks, zippers, etc.  It was almost down to my waist.  Well I was going to wait until Christmas to cut my hair but everyone at St. Mike's was upset because then they wouldn't see it for awhile since I'll be abroad next semester.  I decided then to make them happy to get it cut over Thanksgiving break.  Well here it is:


Look at how much hair is gone!!


Yep, that's 10 inches!

I do miss it but I LOVE my new hairstyle.  If anyone is on the edge about doing something like this I highly recommend it.  I also haven't stopped getting complements which always make my day!! 

Now onto the sprint to the finish of the semester with one less distraction on my mind (literally!).  Time to focus and write my papers.  Here I go...

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