Thursday, November 15, 2012

International Festival

Saturday night, the Diversity Coalition and MLK Society at St. Mike's hosted their annual International Festival.  This has to be one of my top 10...wait 5 events St. Michael's has to offer each year.  I attended my first year because my RA dragged me and friend on my floor along to do a project for a class.  She didn't really drag us but she wanted someone to go with so we agreed.  It was a blast!!  The following year I had joined the Celtic Knights and had my first performance with them.  Again, it was a blast!!  This being my third year attending, second year performing, I was excited for it to role around again.  Once again, it was a blast!!

So, what is this amazing event?  It is an event where the surrounding community combines with the St. Mike's Community to bond and celebrate the different cultures.  There are a ton of performances from Irish Step Dancing (me!) to Salsa Dancing to African drumming.  There are also people who sell some items from their culture.  About half way through the night, some cultures serve food.  It is so delicious being able to try new food!! I have always loved learning about other cultures and this is a great way for students to experience them!!

Here are some of Celtic Knights' videos:

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