Sunday, February 5, 2012

Penguin Plunge

So yesterday, February 4th, was the Burlington Penguin Plunge which is a fundraising event for the Special Olympics in Vermont.  This event is held in the winter every year when Lake Champlain is frozen over.  They normally have to cut out a section of the ice for people to jump into the lake; however, this year the water wasn’t frozen.  This is my second year participating in the event with the MOVE team on campus.  The team has participated in this event every year because it’s crazy, it’s fun, and it creates awareness and resources for the Vermont Special Olympics.
Representing NOLA
The morning of I was super excited and pumped!  I couldn’t wait to get to the water front.  One of my friends from my MOVE Extended Service Trip was a first time plunger and we agreed to plunge alongside each other.  For me I get super pumped until the point you are standing near the door of the preparation tent and then I begin to freak.  As soon as the door opens all my fears slip away and I begin the short sprint to the water.

My goal this year was to go all the way under the water.  Last year I only made it up to a little less than my shoulders so I was determined to go further.  However going in I only made it again up to my shoulders and my friend yelled at me to go under.  When I came up I was a bit disoriented and couldn’t get my footing on the ramp so my friend grabbed my hand to pull me back up.  I was cold.

I loved being able to grab a towel from the kids who lined the pathway back up and wrap myself in until we made it back to the warming tent.  Once inside, I quickly got out of my wet clothes and into dry warm ones.  It was such a rush and I was super pumped again for having accomplished my goal.  As soon as I got back to my room, the adrenaline rush began to wear off and I crashed.  I ended up sleeping until about dinner time. 
You can kind of see the ice crystals growing in my wet hair from the plunge
I encourage this event to anyone, not only because it’s fun, exhilarating, and crazy, but because it helps raise money for a group of people who have a big heart.

p.s. If I get any pictures of me in the water I'll be sure to upload some, unfortunately I couldn't take them.

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