Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inexpensive Fun

This past week started midterms for me.  I have two more to go this week but it has been study, study, study.  I did however, have an amazing time last weekend when my friend came to visit.  Coming all the way from New Jersey, I knew she would have spent a lot on gas money so I looked for inexpensive fun to do while she was here.  (Well, I always look for inexpensive fun but I wanted touristy kind of things to show her Vermont)

On her first night here, we had a small pizza party so all my friends could meet her and she could rest after the tiring drive.  It was delicious and a lot of fun because my friends told embarrassing stories of me while she told ones from the summer.

On our first full day we drove out to Stowe and went to the Ben and Jerry's Factory.  I've been there once before and I was glad to go back so I could actually learn more about the factory instead of being in awe.  My friend loved it!!  She particularly liked the fact you get a free sample at the end of the tour.  After the tour we walked around downtown Stowe for a couple of hours and went to the Ski Museum.  I particularly favored that being a skier.  After, we headed to Shelburne Farms to walk around.  I was particularly enthusiastic when  I got to pet a sheep!!

When we got back to campus, my room was full of balloons.  Check out the post about that here:  Balloons

On Sunday we spent the morning doing our homework (we were very studious).  For the afternoon we drove out to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.  I love teddy bears so I was heaven being there.  I was so tempted to buy one but I was strong and didn't.  Afterwards we walked around in downtown Burlington and down by Lake Champlain.

All in all our weekend was a success.  She has already e-mailed me and said she can't wait to come back!!

Lake Champlain on a Sunday afternoon

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