Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Lesson Learned

Over this long weekend, my friend from camp came to visit me and tour Vermont a bit.  My suite mates wanted to make her feel welcome which I was super happy about, but I was not prepared for the suprise that was in store for us.  We spent Saturday out and about (I will have a post up soon about our adventures) and I told my friend certain things about my friends...namely that Sarah might seem quiet but she is the devious one.  She pranked me all last year and I thought I got back at her when she went home, leaving her door unlocked, and I flipped her room upside down.

This Saturday, I left my door unlocked so my friend had easy access and forgot completely to lock it before we left.  We walked in and my friend opened the door, or at least tried too, and my room was filled with balloons.  I think the pictures speak for themselves:

My intial reaction

Trying to look inside

The room

I'm drowning in balloons!!

Somebody HELP!!!
All I can say was it was a blast trying to figure out what to do with all thoes balloons in my room. We ended up covering the entire common room celing and hallways (exluding lights/fire alrams) with balloons.  This is was I LOVE St. Mike's :-)

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